About me:

I am a writer, reader, and all around fiction enthusiast currently residing in southwest Missouri, as well as the co-creator of the web seriesĀ Backstage.


About my ratings (books, movies, or television):

5 stars-I rarely give this to anything. Near perfection and holds a special place in my heart. Not only would I re-read or re-watch this again and again and again, I would probably recommend it to most anyone.

4 stars-I consider this equivalent to an “A” grade. It was pretty well done and I really enjoyed it. I will re-read or re-watch this, and I would recommend it to certain people depending on taste.

3 stars-I liked it. I may or may not read or watch it again, but it was a satisfying experience.

2 stars-Passing grade. Either it was an okay experience despite major flaws, or I didn’t enjoy it despite it’s being well-made.

1 star-I found no enjoyment in this, but I can see (possibly begrudgingly) where others might find value.

0 stars-I may or may not have finished this because I absolutely didn’t like it and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.