Odds & Ends 4/19-5/2

The past two weeks have found me alternating between spring cleaning, binge-watching, and letting my world-building get out of hand, capped off with my first dose of the COVID vaccine this morning! I would say the binge-watching was more successful than the spring cleaning as I managed to enjoy the entire season of¬†Shadow and Bone … Continue reading Odds & Ends 4/19-5/2

Books I’d Like to See Adapted for the Screen

In honor of Netflix's adaptation of Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse series, Shadow and Bone, which¬†premieres April 23rd, I put together a list of books I think might also be due for a screen adaptation. Because as much as Hollywood likes to think they've figured out how to mine libraries for content, we all know they've only … Continue reading Books I’d Like to See Adapted for the Screen