Summer Round-Up: What I’ve Watched

Summer is almost over, so I'm doing a quick round-up of some of the shows I've been watching the last few months, in case you've missed any or are looking for something to fill your T.V. time until production on the normal fall shows catches up from the pandemic delay.   Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Last … Continue reading Summer Round-Up: What I’ve Watched

The Shower Principle: Strange Ways to Boost Creativity

Have you ever set a problem aside to let the "creative juices" soak in, or maybe switched projects halfway through to let an idea "marinate"? Or maybe you've simply given up on an idea, only to have an "aha moment" hours later in the middle of a completely unrelated task? Whether you realized it or … Continue reading The Shower Principle: Strange Ways to Boost Creativity

2020: A Reading Preview

Last December, I gave a preview of what books I hoped to read in the coming year and other reading-related goals. Looking back, I did pretty well in going after those goals. In 2019, I pushed my genre habits a little bit further with mysteries like The Silent Patient and historical fiction like the Poldark series. For 2020, … Continue reading 2020: A Reading Preview