Resolutions for 2017

As of today, 2016 is officially behind us and a fresh new year is underway. The question is, what to do with this new year? I’ve come up with a few resolutions I’m willing to share.

  • Craft a query letter if it kills me. (Why is this so hard?)


  • Send said query letter (assuming I survive crafting it) along with my as yet Untitled Fantasy Project to agents.


  • Post at least once a week to this blog.


  • Do more push-ups. (I really hate push-ups. They might be my 2nd least favorite form of exercise.)


  • Continue editing & writing other current projects.


  • Make time to read at least one new book a month.


These are just a few my goals. There are lots of ways I’d like to better myself this year, both big and small, and I’m sure that list will grow and change as 2017 progresses.

What about you? Any big goals you’re shooting for this year? Writing milestones? Blogging achievements? Which goals do you most hope you’ll continue working toward after January is over? (I wouldn’t hold it against myself if I quit the push-ups come February 1st.)

Happy New Year!

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