Odds & Ends: Driving Miss Dazey

It’s been a slow week, progress-wise; a very fast week, in terms of already being Sunday.

I’ve been updating my agent research, checking whose open to queries right now, submission guidelines, correct email addresses, that sort of thing, so it’s not like nothing is happening. I’ve also done a lot of driving this week, which makes it difficult to actually do much (this is your friendly PSA: driving is not something you should multi-task!), but it gives me lots of time to think, which I like.

When I was in college, I had to drive 5 hours to get there from home, and it allowed for a lot of time to think. That was the one aspect of going to school 5 hours from home that I didn’t mind. Not the driving, that was tiresome; the time to think while driving. I ironed out a lot of plot points on that drive. I’d craft the perfect line, then forget it when a catchy song on the radio started, then spend the next ten minutes reconstructing it, wishing there was some kind of recording device I could install in my car. A song or a billboard would spark a character moment that gave them a whole new dimension. And I’d go over all of it, again and again, making sure I could recall every detail when I finally sat down to write it in my dorm room.

It’s exciting to think how those ideas have developed into the novel about to go out into the world, and may someday be what other people fill their drives thinking about, when at the beginning, it was just me, trying to keep my mind busy on that long, lonely drive.

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