Spring Forward

I love springing forward every year. Not because I enjoy losing the hour of sleep or being paranoid about running late all day, but because it is my official sign that the days are getting longer and summer is almost here (forget spring, I always look straight for summer, that’s when I have more time to write!)

I walked out of work today with a big smile on my face as I opened the door to sunshine instead of dusky pinks or, even worse, total darkness.

I will say though, Daylight Savings Time has never made sense to me. Why would we call this portion of the year, when we’re getting more daylight, using more, spending more time in it, Daylight Savings Time? From my view, we are spending the daylight, not saving it, this time of year. Should Savings Time be in the winter when we’re using less daylight?

I’m sure there’s a historical, sensible logic as to why the powers that be classified it as such when they put the institution in place, but I am not aware of it. In my head it’s Daylight Spending Time, because I’ll be spending time in all the daylight I can get!

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