The Waiting Game

Waiting is hard. Whether it’s waiting on responses to query letters, feedback from beta readers or critique partners, or completely non-writing related waiting, like those of you who put up the countdown to Christmas on December 27th.

Here are some ideas on how to pass the time if you’re in a season of waiting, without losing your mind checking your email or the calendar every twenty minutes.


1. Clean Your House/Apartment/Car/Room


It’s something you’re supposed to be doing anyway, and why save it for when you have more on your plate? Besides, cleaning is one of the few acts that is both productive and destructive, allowing you to accomplish something while working out that tension.

2. Read

Reading is always a good choice, whether you need to pass the time or not. But beware, if your waiting season is writing related, I would recommend reading something totally different from what you wrote. Otherwise you risk reminding yourself of your project.


3. Treat Yo’ Self


Take a relaxing bath, get some ice cream, go shopping, see a movie. Anything you find fun that’s even a little outside of your routine to set the day apart, instead of as one more in the long line of days with no results yet.


4. Do Something Creative

Write, paint, draw, build, craft; whatever skill set you have or enjoy, do it. It’s a project to keep you busy, and one you have control over finishing!


5. Exercise


Exercise is good for you, and it’ll wear you out so that you’ll sleep at night instead of lying awake wondering how early is too early to get up and check your email.



6. Binge-Watch

You want to lose track of time, or lose an entire day, or even week, of your life? Find a series on Netflix to binge. We all know how addicting that can be.


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