Poldark Returns!

September 30th marks the start of Season 4 of Poldark on PBS, which means you have one week to catch up if, for some crazy reason, you have not been watching it.

For those of you unfamiliar, Poldark is a fantastic costume drama based on Winston Graham’s book series of the same name. Set in the late eighteenth century, the series follows Ross Poldark, as well as his friends and neighbors, over the years as they experience triumphs and losses in society, business, and love.

The Season 3 finale was particularly exciting, with lots of juicy plot developments to look forward to (or dread) in Season 4. Here are the four biggest storylines I’ll be watching for next Sunday night:


1. Politician Ross?


Ross finally appeared to come to terms with being a leader as he successfully diffused an angry mob determined to raid the Warleggan grain stores. But will this realization stick as politics will inevitably involve him with more unpleasant men like George Warleggan? Before we can even worry about that though, Ross has to actually make it to Westminster, and I’m sure George will have plenty of schemes to try and keep that from happening.


2.  What to do about Hugh?

Demelza finally gave in to Hugh’s advances, and it doesn’t seem to be much of a secret from anyone. As she and Ross held each other in the closing moments of Season 3, it appeared they both had regrets about the state of their marriage, but will that bring them together in Season 4 or drive them farther apart? And how will Hugh react to any of it?



3. Who’s the boss?


In one of the best moments of the finale and quite possibly the entire series, Elizabeth reduced George to tears when she finally made him admit his suspicions about Valentine’s paternity and then ripped him apart for it. She made him swear never to suspect such a thing again, to get over his bitter envy of Ross, and demanded he dismiss his favorite henchman Tom Harry (who we can all agree is just the worst). Will Elizabeth maintain the upper hand in her household? Will George be able to uphold his promises? Or will that final dig Ross gave him (“belief is a beautiful thing”) threaten to undo it all?



4. Can Morwenna and Drake get a win?


Okay, so Morwenna was (sort of) able to tell Drake she loved him after he ding-dong ditched some flowers at her door, but we all know that’s not enough! We need the gross Rev. Whitworth out of the picture ASAP so those two can finally be together. Also, now that Rowella successfully blackmailed Whitworth, I’m curious if she’s actually pregnant, or if it will turn out she lied about everything.



So what about you, fellow Poldark fans? What are you most looking forward to seeing this season? And those of you who don’t know the show, doesn’t it sound like something you should start watching?

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