Odds & Ends 10/8-10/14

I’ve had some ups and downs the past couple of weeks.

The big downer has been my car, which I have to take in to have the transmission repaired tomorrow. The car is still drivable fortunately, because they couldn’t get me in at the repair shop immediately, but knowing it does need fixing has made me a little nervous. Every time I start it up to make the short trip to work, I’ve been saying a quick prayer that it will get me there and back without doing anything strange, that it’ll just last until the appointment so I don’t have to take care of anything new with it.

And what’s been funny is that frequently when I’ve started the car, the song playing on the radio is “Stand in Your Love” by Josh Baldwin. If you don’t know that one, the main line of the chorus is “My fear doesn’t stand a chance.”¬†If that doesn’t reassure you that God is listening, I don’t know what will.

On the upside, I’m actually feeling pretty good about the shape my query letter’s in for once. I sent my first chapter, along with a slightly re-arranged version, to some beta readers, so now I’m just waiting to hear back from them about which grabbed their attention most. In the meantime, I’m checking all my agent research & trying to make sure everything stays up to date.

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