Hello 2019!

The holidays have come and gone, and now it is time to settle down and get back into a routine to get this new year rolling.

I’ve got a stack of new books from Christmas to help me get started on my reading goal for the year (I’ve already finished one), I have some manageable recipes flagged to help me shop a little smarter and eat a little better (once I finish all the leftover holiday junk food, of course), and all my Christmas decorations are safely packed away. Now I just need to carve out some writing time and I’ll be ready to roll.

I have multiple ideas I’d like to explore this year with my writing, some more concrete than others, so time is key. And during this particular time of year, it’s also tricky to come by. This is the start of the busy season at my job, so I’m spending more of my time there, which means I have to up my time management skills at home. In the past, this has led to better results during my writing time, which is exciting, but it also makes me crazy to have to wait for that time to come, and even crazier when it’s up.

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