Odds & Ends 1/28-2/3

While many are enjoying the Super Bowl tonight with pizzas, hot wings, and nachos, I too am celebrating with a pizza…while watching Victoria on PBS.

There are just some things I don’t mess with on my Sunday nights.

Actually, Victoria wasn’t just a Sunday night subject for me this week. I spent much of my day Tuesday looking up information on her children because I was having trouble keeping track of them on the show, which naturally led me to more information on her descendants (fun fact: Victoria is the great-great grandmother of BOTH Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip), which eventually led me to reading about Anastasia (a great-granddaughter of Victoria), which finally led to a comparison of the movie Anastasia’s plot vs. the Broadway musical plot (basically they got rid of all the fun magic bits). It was a bit of a If You Give a Mouse a Cookie situation, but it sparked a rather surprising idea…I don’t know if it’s one that will go anywhere, but it was intriguing all the same.

I suppose the moral of this story is that you never know where your research might take you, and you never know what information might come in useful down the road, so take in all the information you can!

Also, you should really watch Victoria.


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