Odds & Ends 4/22-4/28

I’ve almost made it through April.

I didn’t anticipate how much I would have going on this month, so writing has been harder to focus on. I did get a solid outline finished, which has been helpful to make the most of the time I have been able to sit down and clear my brain enough to write.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to catch the first two episodes of the PBS adaptation of Les Miserables this month. It’s been good so far, and I’m glad to see an in-depth, non-musical take on it, as it’s likely the closest I’ll ever come to actually reading the book. Victor Hugo is one of those authors that makes me tired to even think about trying. If you’re unfamiliar with his style, the man liked a good digression. There are entire essays of social commentary interspersed throughout his novels. They’re smart, but they interrupt the flow of the story. There’s no way an editor would allow an author to get away with that anymore, and I thank them for that.

I was also recommended to check out Unicorn Store on Netflix, starring and directed by Brie Larson. It follows a woman who just failed art school and is struggling to figure out her next step, only to receive an invitation from the mysterious Store to apply to adopt a unicorn—her childhood dream. The tone is a little uneven, but it’s funny and sweet with a good cast, and if you’re a creative type and find yourself discouraged or in a bit of a slump, it might just make you feel a little better.

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