Odds & Ends 5/27-6/02

I thought April had been a whirlwind month. Now all of a sudden it’s June?

I hope this summer sticks around a little longer than spring did. I’ve got stuff to do.

Because it’s been a while since I last spent a weekend at home, I decided to jumpstart my routine by deep cleaning my apartment and polishing a presentation for later this month. These things, along with a couple of others, have been hanging over my head a bit, so I figure the faster I can get them crossed off my to-do list, the faster I can get to some in-depth writing. I’ve got a few different ideas floating around, some with more fleshed out outlines than others, but I’m still debating about which I really want to jump into right away.

It’s reassuring to have multiple ideas to pursue, but it’s also distracting. Sometimes I feel like I no sooner start focusing on one that one of the others starts niggling at the back of my mind for attention. It is moments like those that I wouldn’t mind a chance to nerd out to someone over each idea as a kind of acid test.

Anybody have any tips or tricks for putting a pin in those other ideas while you’re trying to focus on one in particular? I’ve been keeping lists, which is at least keeping each idea organized, but it’s not doing much to help me focus.


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