Odds & Ends 8/19-8/25

This week’s been a quiet, but productive one.

I got several days of re-writing in and it felt good. I love being able to take a deep dive into my stories and really soak in the world and the characters. It helps remind me why I loved the idea to begin with and encourages me to keep going.

When I have needed to take step back from that world, though, I’ve been binging episodes of Jane the Virgin, which is reminding me why I want to find more magical realism for my reading list. I’m open to suggestions…

But the biggest issue this week has been been debating how much I ought to spend in Barnes & Noble’s #BookHaul, which officially opened to non-members yesterday. 50% off  is hard to resist, but at what point does it transform from savings to an excuse to spend more? These are the tough questions, people.

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