Odds & Ends 1/6-1/12

The name of the game this week was productivity. It’s a new year and I wanted to hit the ground running, and I think I did alright.

I got in and cleaned my apartment now that all the holiday festivities are over and my Christmas decorations are put away, I did some grocery shopping, re-organized my pantry, and got some of my end-of-the-year paperwork set aside for tax prep in the next few months. I even finished reading a book in my downtime!

I also started working out some of the nitty-gritty details of my antagonist’s backstory, something I hope will lead to some insights into strengthening her character arc. With all those other tasks already off my plate, I hope to undertake a massive rewrite over the next couple of weeks, really beefing up my characters and hopefully plugging any remaining plot holes, no matter how small.¬†Hopefully, my productivity this past week translates into plenty of writing time with few distractions!

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