Odds & Ends 1/27-2/2

It’s Superbowl Sunday! As a Missouri girl, I’m rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs, but I’m kind of “meh” when it comes to actually watching football, so I am cheering for them and eating my Superbowl foods while watching Howard’s End and Sanditon on PBS.

My Superbowl Meal

I did get some good writing done this week, as well as a little reading, so I felt like I deserved some junk food too. Remember about this time last year I had a post about killing your darlings in your writing? Yeah, well, I’m still getting the hang of that particular skill. It’s not a fun one to put to use, but it must be done if any progress is to be made.

That is why tonight, I lose myself in fluffy British dramas and salty snack foods!

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