Odds & Ends 1/25-2/7

While many may be tuning in to the Super Bowl tonight, I’ll be enjoying All Creatures Great and Small on PBS. If you’re looking for a gentle, feel-good escape from reality, I highly recommend checking out this series, set in 1930s Yorkshire and centered around new veterinarian James Herriot. Another show you need to be watching, if you haven’t started it already, is WandaVision on Disney+. I can’t properly explain the show at this point, but if you like the Avengers, sitcoms, or mysteries, you will find something to enjoy in it.

Other than discovering new television to enjoy and experimenting with some world-building inspiration, the past couple of weeks for my family have been focused on preparing for and counting down to the arrival of my new niece, who could be born any day now. I placed my bet on tomorrow, so I’ll know if she’s an auntie’s girl or not in about 24 hours. Honestly, at this point I’m just praying that she comes when it’s not icy or snowy on the roads!

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