Odds & Ends 6/28-7/11

The past couple of weeks have seen things quiet down somewhat for me. I had a friend interested in revisiting a series I’d had her beta-read for me a couple years ago, which is always encouraging, so I spent a few days speed-reading my drafts to make sure I was sending her the most up-to-date and well-aligned forms of the stories. It’s hard to read your own work without getting distracted by tweaks you could make, so I found the “pressure” of speed-reading to be kind of liberating, keeping me focused on spotting any continuity errors rather than getting distracted by what I could expand or edit. It also gave me some different ideas for where to take the series, since experiencing it all so quickly helped me view the bigger, over-arcing picture better.

Besides writing, I got to enjoy a relaxing 4th of July with my family, introducing my niece to fireworks (the less noisy ones), my parents to Loki on Disney+, and my brothers’ dogs to waffle cones, so fun was had by all. Coming home, I tried to keep the relaxation going in between work hours, starting a new read and discovering Better Off Ted on Hulu, an ABC comedy from ten years back that I can’t believe I missed! If you like dry humor mixed with a little silliness, you should check that one out too.

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