Summer Round-Up: What to Watch

Summer is almost over, so I thought I’d do a little recap of what I’ve been watching the past few months for those in need of something a little different, or just something to fill the gap until the fall shows start premiering.

Only Murders in the Building

Season 2 of this comedic mystery debuted on Hulu back in June, but there’s still time to catch up before the final episodes drop. The show stars Steve Martin, Martin Short, & Selena Gomez as true-crime podcast fans who decide to team up to solve a mysterious death inside their own building, supported by a cast of quirky characters and great guest stars.

Ms. Marvel

Another MCU/Disney+ entry, this show recaptures some of the youthful optimism and coming-of-age nostalgia that made Spiderman: Homecoming a hit. Iman Vellani stars as Kamala Khan, an Avengers super-fan who discovers powers of her own, leading to a family mystery she must solve as she learns to use her powers and shoulder the responsibility of being a hero. I have to say, I love the family dynamic that develops in this show and, while I know Ms. Marvel herself will reappear in future MCU films, I hope we get a second season of the show as well so we can continue to get a closer look at Kamala’s daily life as Jersey City’s new super-hero.


This rom-com series debuted on Hulu in July, following Rebecca Rittenhouse as the titular Maggie, a psychic used to seeing everyone else’s future with a single touch, who is thrown for a loop when she unexpectedly gets a glimpse of her own future during a new customer’s reading. A feel-good show with quality banter and just enough drama to keep things interesting, Maggie has a strong supporting cast full of faces you might recognize from shows such as Superstore, Schitt’s Creek, and Life in Pieces, among others. I binged it in two nights, so I’m really hoping it gets several more seasons.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Do you like fashion? A post-WWII European setting? Rooting for a hopeless dreamer? Then Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris is for you. The film, available for purchase or rent on Amazon, follows the titular cleaning lady after she comes into enough money to achieve one of her dreams: to go to Paris and buy a Christian Dior gown. Once there, she turns more than a few lives upside-down with her fresh perspective, and is able to reevaluate her own life with fresh eyes in return.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

The newest MCU/Disney+ entry, She-Hulk dropped its first episode Thursday, but it’s already getting fantastic early reviews from critics. The first episode is mostly exposition, establishing who Jennifer Walters is and how she became She-Hulk, but it’s very promising to me. Part lawyer-show, part comedy, part-Avengers story, it seems to balance all of that fairly well & I’m definitely a fan of the characters we’ve met so far, so hopefully the main plot lives up to all that as it starts to be revealed when episode two drops next Thursday.


This Baz Luhrmann biopic takes Elvis’s (Austin Butler) story and angles the camera slightly away from him, telling it from the perspective of his dubious manager, “Colonel” Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). This choice had it’s pros and cons, as the bio-pic, especially music bio-pics, are pretty common nowadays, but Parker is a very sketchy character (if he truly came across the way Hanks played him, I have no idea why anyone trusted him with anything) and someone the audience doesn’t really want to hear from because he just oozes predatory manipulation. Elvis-mania was a bit before my time, but I still didn’t realize just how much I didn’t know about his story until I watched this, like the fact that he never went on an international tour despite being one of the biggest rock n’ roll icons in the world.

So, what shows or movies have kept you entertained this summer? Any new ones worth checking out, or are there maybe some not-so-new that deserve our attention more? Let me know in the comments!

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