Odds & Ends 4/3-4/16

It’s been slightly quieter the last two weeks. I’ve gotten a little writing done here and there, and I have a game plan for the next few scenes I need to write. I’ve been experimenting with writing some early scenes from a different character’s point of view and I’m liking the results.

Last weekend, I got to spend Easter with my family, hiding eggs for my niece and then trying to keep her from eating too much candy (the result may have been that I ate too much candy). She also taught me that onion rings are much more useful garnishing our arms as bracelets than they are garnishing a burger for taste, which was an unexpected highlight.

This week, we are all praying for my dad as he undergoes knee surgery in the morning. Things didn’t go as planned the last time he was supposed to have this done, so we’re all hoping for a better turn out this time and an easy road to recovery.

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