Fall T.V. Round-Up

As of this week, I think, every network channel has aired all of their season premieres, so I’m starting to make up my mind as to what I’m going to keep watching this season. Here are my current picks:


  • Once Upon a Time (ABC 8/7C) This is hard to say, as I’ve watched Once Upon a Time since the beginning, but this one is on the bubble for me now. It’s gotten progressively weaker and the Season 5 finale was cringeworthy at times (Henry’s NYC fountain speech, anyone?), so while I’d like to give it one more chance, if Masterpiece Classic puts anything good on during this time slot, there’s a possibility I won’t be watching much longer.
  • Poldark (PBS 9/8C)
  • Indian Summers (PBS 10/9C)



  • Supergirl (CW 8/7C) is off to a great start on her new network. I’m very excited to see her further integrated into the CW’s Arrowverse. Also, Tyler Hoechlin makes for a charming Superman/Clark Kent.
  • Timeless (NBC 10/9C) is one I’m cautiously optimistic about. It’s got a solid cast, there’s definitely an arc the writers are building, but I’m still a little hesitant until the time-travel rules become more clear. I mean, they demonstrated in the first episode how very delicate the timeline is, and yet they still seem fairly casual about their missions. If I were them, I would be doing everything I could to be invisible on these trips and not interact with anyone for fear of accidentally erasing someone’s grandmother.



  • The Flash (CW 8/7C) is also teaching me the dangers of time-travel, but unlike NBC’s Timeless, Barry seems to have learned to stop messing with the past (we’ll see if that lesson sticks). I’m looking forward to Barry getting some sidekicks this year (Jesse Quick for sure, this week’s episode also hinted we might get to see Vibe and/or Killer Frost in the future, but I don’t dare time-travel to prove it), as well as more Barry and Iris development. For two seasons I felt like we were being told Barry & Iris should be a couple more than shown it, but two episodes into Season 3 and it almost seems crazy that there was ever anyone else.
  • This Is Us (NBC 9/8C) is one I will watch as long as it stays in this time slot. It’s a good show, but contemporary drama is not a genre I crave, so if they put it in its previous time slot of 10/9C, I’m giving it up in favor of Agents of SHIELD.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC 10/9C) is off to a strong start after a season three that was just okay in my book. S.H.I.E.L.D. is a little closer to its original structure as an official government agency, meaning our team is often on separate tasks. This, plus, Daisy being under the radar on her own mission, allows the story to breathe a little, letting one storyline do the heavy lifting one week while the others take their time.



  • Arrow (CW 8/7 C) I don’t usually watch Arrow live, but it is one of my top shows.
  • Code Black (CBS 10/9C) is your standard medical drama, but as of right now the plot focuses more on the medical cases and the dynamics of a functioning E.R. and less on the characters’ personal lives, which I like.



  • Legends of Tomorrow (CW 8/7C) came out swinging with their Season 2 premiere this week, even throwing a dinosaur into the mix. I love the “worlds worst heroes” vibe the team has, but I’m hoping the pacing is a little better this season. Last season had some great moments, but certain storylines (Ray & Kendra) dragged on and on while other details (Captain Cold & Sara) were crammed in last-minute and felt a little unearned. I’m excited that the inclusion of villains Damien Darkh and Reverse-Flash means further connections with other Arrowverse shows, but also a little nervous, because the science of how the Reverse-Flash could possibly be anywhere in the timeline makes my head hurt.
  • Falling Water (USA 10/9C) is not a network show, but it did premiere this week, so it’s still worth mentioning here. This show intrigues me, but the jury is still out. It’s a little slow and very mysterious, which makes sense given that the topic is dreams, but I don’t know if I’ll have the patience to see it through if stays this mysterious.



  • Last Man Standing (ABC 8/7C)
  • Dr. Ken (8:30/7:30C)


What I’m Looking Forward To:

Looking ahead to mid-season, I’m eagerly anticipating the return of iZombie, as well as the (sniff) final season of Grimm, which has an awful lot to wrap up in only thirteen episodes.

So, what about you? Drop a line in the comments about any shows that have you hooked this season!

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