Wedding Fun

In honor of my brother’s wedding this weekend, I’ve decided to share this little nugget I contributed to the reception fun. I call them Wed-Libs! Essentially wedding themed Mad-Libs, it’s a fun way for guests to entertain themselves while the bride & groom make the rounds or take a few post-ceremony photos.

You may have seen other examples of these on Pinterest, as it is a pretty cute idea, but this will give you some thoughts on how you can personalize the Wed-Libs for your (or your brother’s) special day!







*For this one, it might help to know that Toby is their dog.


If you’re writing your own instead of using a template, I recommend utilizing subscript and drawing horizontal lines (assuming you’re using Microsoft Word) for the “blanks.” It’s a bit tedious, but I felt like I had more control over how the final product looked that way.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Fun

  1. Hey Christian!
    I absolutely love these! I was wondering if you could share them with me so I can edit it for my special day next month!


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