Odds & Ends 12/04-12/10

Well, I did it. I finally wrote the words “The End.”

It’s a milestone that brings a mix of emotions: relief over finishing, excitement over the next step forward, and a little bit of sadness as my characters’ journeys come to an end. But not to worry, I’m far from finished with them. Now comes the delight of revising and rewriting, right?

Maybe that’ll start next week…

After hitting “the end” this past week, I decided to take time to both reward myself and get some other things done. So, my apartment is now clean, the kitchen has food again, the Christmas presents are wrapped, I read a new book, and I ate Taco Bell for the first time in many, many months (not everyone might see that last one as a reward, but in this instance, it definitely was).

It’s a nice way to head into the holiday season and end the year, a fresh start on the horizon and ready to take a step forward.

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