Odds & Ends 2/19-2/25

Editing felt productive this week. I’m getting through it more slowly than I’d like, but I can already see the effectiveness of the changes I’ve made, which is encouraging.

I also had the chance to see Black Panther this week, which I enjoyed. Marvel movies sometimes struggle in the villain department, but Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan) ranks among the better, being well-motivated, sympathetic, and not at all over the top. Actually, all the of the characters were pretty well shaped, and I wouldn’t mind seeing any of the supporting cast pop up again in Infinity War come May, unlike supporting characters in some other Marvel films (thank goodness Jane Foster never showed up in The Avengers).

One more noteworthy moment from my week was receiving a little note of encouragement from a past beta reader. Let me just say, if you ever have anything nice to say about the work of someone you know (creative work or otherwise), even if it’s just “I saw this thing today and it made me think of [insert their work here],” you should ABSOLUTELY say it! Everyone likes to hear if their work has made a positive impression.



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