Odds & Ends 07/09-07/15

Synopsizing was the name of the game this week.

If you’ve ever wondered about the purpose of outlining before writing, I can assure you it is to make writing your synopsis afterwards easier. I know because I didn’t do it that way with this project. It’s not that it was impossible, it’s just so much faster when you have the outline as a jumping-off point.

Thus inspired, I started jotting down some points I know I want to include in my next project, giving it at least the beginnings of an outline. Hopefully I’ll be thanking myself for that in a few months.

In more exciting news, word has it a Downton Abbey movie is officially in the works. I’m very excited by this news, but I’m also a little wary, because the series ended on such a happy note for everyone. A new movie means new drama, which means not everybody will still be quite so happy…

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