Odds & Ends 2/10-2/23

Unfortunately, the last couple of weeks have not been very productive.

I ended up sick early on, so after a lot of time spent resting and figuring out how to breathe more easily, this past week was about trying to play catch up and reset. I managed to mostly recover by my birthday, at least, so I did get to celebrate with a couple of good brunches and some puppy cuddles. Since then, my time’s been split between de-germifying my apartment and trying to get my head back into my current re-write. Let me just say, it’s hard enough to get your head around theme when it isn’t all stopped up. I did not care for trying to fathom it out while my brain still felt fuzzy, and I can’t say I’ve been all that successful.

But tonight, I’ll be letting my mind relax a bit as I take in the final episode of Sanditon on PBS, so maybe that will be enough to let my subconscious take over the problem and figure it out later.


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