Odds & Ends 4/19-5/2

The past two weeks have found me alternating between spring cleaning, binge-watching, and letting my world-building get out of hand, capped off with my first dose of the COVID vaccine this morning!

I would say the binge-watching was more successful than the spring cleaning as I managed to enjoy the entire season of Shadow and Bone in about two days (if you haven’t seen it yet you should check it out on Netflix), and there are more than a few items still left on my cleaning list. To be fair though, it’s hard to go through my closet when the weather roller coasters from 80° highs back down to below 50° Fahrenheit the next day.

But my world-building, that’s what’s what’s I’ve spending the most time on at home. It started out as a little research to flesh out some details on a trade relationship between two of the countries in my story, which of course led to three new questions for each answer I worked out, which eventually became a need to map out the particulars of the trade route and the countries involved, and then I just got plain carried away, and now I can’t see my coffee table for all the papers I have spread out on it and I know far too much about where rivers can and can’t flow. I’m hopeful that maybe in the next two weeks I can winnow down to the relevant details out of all this new information, but it’s exciting to see the idea of my story’s world expand past what I’d ever considered and new possibilities emerge.

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