Odds & Ends 4/4-4/24

Happy late Easter everyone! I was fortunate enough to get to celebrate with my family last weekend, so I missed posting last week. It was nice getting to spend that quality time together, and my niece has reached an age where she’s constantly picking up on new things and learning them lightning fast, so we all enjoyed watching her show off her new words and skills.

As for the rest of April, work has finally started to slow down, so I’ve been able to get most of my spring cleaning at home out of the way and start some review notes for a couple of new shows & books I’ve managed to squeeze in. With all of that no longer hanging over my head, what I’m really excited about is dusting off my editing notes & getting back to my own novel! With everything going on and barely enough time to catch up on sleep, I’ve had to let it sit for several weeks now with hardly a thought, let alone any tangible progress. Sometimes a break allows for fresher eyes, though, or so I’m hoping. The past couple of days has just been going back over where I left off and jotting down a few quick ideas to explore later, but if all goes as planned, I should be able to start diving back in this week, and I am PUMPED!

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