Odds & Ends ???-12/11

It’s been a minute since my last post, hasn’t it? No, I was not taken, I did not join witness protection, nor did I go into early hibernation (though that last one sounds tempting). My computer simply decided this fall was a good time for a prolonged swan song. I took it in for a battery replacement because I was getting some warning signals that needed maintenance, and though the replacement itself went fine, it unfortunately triggered other issues that, even after several weeks of waiting, hoping, and even trying to troubleshoot myself, eventually made the computer unusable.

But now I have a new one that runs great and I am back!

And if I’m perfectly honest, being without my computer for weeks was kind of a nice reset, not including the time spent researching & worrying how to fix or replace it. It whittled down my social media intake since the only social apps I keep on my phone are for direct communication (email & messenger), and took my writing plans off my plate since all I had access to was a few pages of world-building details printed off for tweaking (had that done after three days of the computer being in the shop), so on my days off I ended up with a lot of extra time to get the chores and other projects I’d been putting off done, along with time to relax. And even on my work days, I was finding myself with extra time before I left the house, and extra time after I got home and ate dinner, since I had no social media to scroll or articles and reviews to read. It certainly gave me some new ideas as to how I might try to manage my time going forward.

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