2023: A Reading Preview

This will be my last post of 2022, so that means it is time to look back on what I’ve read this year and start setting my reading goals for next year.

Not surprisingly, 2022 was definitely a year of children’s books for me. Sandra Boynton is my niece’s favorite author, partly because of the humor & rhyming, partly because she writes board books, so they hold up through all kinds of wear and tear. I’m guessing 2023 is going to see more Boynton books and lots of other children’s books pop up for me as my niece grows.

I did get to read more of the Grishaverse books this year, and I hope to complete the King of Scars duology in 2023, along with the next book in the Caraval universe, The Ballad of Never After. I did read one non-fiction book in 2022, Stephen King’s memoir, along with a few Greek myth-inspired stories as I’d hoped, and I wouldn’t mind exploring either of those veins a little further in 2023, though I’d say I’m more inclined toward the the myth-inspired rather than the non-fiction.

Mostly, I’m looking for surprises for my 2023 reading list. I’ve nearly wrapped up the remaining series, so while I know I’ll enjoy the standalones still waiting to be read,  I’d love to find something new to take a deep dive into as well.

How about everyone else? What did you read in 2022? Any recommendations for 2023? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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