Writing Month Week 2: In Which Distractions Occurred

As many writers here in the U.S.A. can probably relate, my productivity took a bit of a nosedive on Tuesday. I knew Tuesday would be a bust for me; I hate election coverage, no matter what kind of election or whether I support any of the candidates or not. Just let me vote and tell me the results in the morning, I don’t want to watch somebody make predictions and hash out the minutia all night long on the news or on Facebook.

In an effort to avoid all of that, I gave myself permission to watch¬†The Crown on Netflix instead of writing Tuesday evening, hoping it would block out the noise. It did, and some of the character relationships actually provided a bit of inspiration. But Wednesday night came, and I still had four episodes left, so…

My Thursday did make up for a bit of what I’d missed, and I have been better about putting time in since then, but I still haven’t gotten back in that dedicated groove I found the first week of National Novel Writing Month. Hopefully Week 3 will bring with it a fresh start.

In other news,¬†The Crown is very good (I’ll be writing a full review later) and I recommend watching it. Just maybe not when you’re supposed to be writing.

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