Writing Month Week 3: In Which Backstage Premiered!

Week three of National Novel Writing Month has been more productive than week two, so that was a relief.

The big headline this week, though, is that the web series I co-wrote, Backstage, premiered! Episodes 1 & 2 are now online, with new episodes to be posted weekly (for links to the series website, click on the Backstage tab in the menu).

I will admit, when your day off coincides with the day a project (whether it’s a novel/play/screenplay or whatever) is released to the public, it’s nice to have something like NaNoWriMo to push you to keep working. Otherwise it is extremely tempting (and torturous) to continually check Facebook to see if your friends and family have shared it yet and what they think.

It’s also surreal when you do get some of that feedback, not only seeing characters you’ve had a hand in creating come to life, but hearing other people discuss them. It gives them new depths and dimensions you could only hope they’d achieve way back when they were only that first line on the page.

And if that’s not motivation enough to keep writing next week, I don’t know what is!

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