Odds & Ends 11/6-11/12

Writing went well this week, save for one day spent mapmaking after realizing how poor my spatial reasoning skills are. If like me, spatial reasoning is not your strong suit, I might suggest basing your characters' navigation descriptions off existing blueprints and adjusting as necessary, rather than struggling to describe where you think they're going … Continue reading Odds & Ends 11/6-11/12

Choosing Your Team: Beta Readers You Want (And Some You Don’t)

Assembling your team of beta readers is kind of a big deal. After all, these are the people whose opinions and knowledge you're going to let shape the future of your story and you as a writer, so you can't choose just anyone. Think carefully about what each potential reader brings to the table in … Continue reading Choosing Your Team: Beta Readers You Want (And Some You Don’t)

Odds & Ends: Driving Miss Dazey

It's been a slow week, progress-wise; a very fast week, in terms of already being Sunday. I've been updating my agent research, checking whose open to queries right now, submission guidelines, correct email addresses, that sort of thing, so it's not like nothing is happening. I've also done a lot of driving this week, which … Continue reading Odds & Ends: Driving Miss Dazey